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A. Addressing functionality and efficacy in biofertilizers

Potential Technology

  • Free living N-Fixers and P solubilizer microbial consortuim for Chili.
  • Free living N-Fixers and cellulose degrader collection


B. Fertilizer Management Technology

Interactive and user friendly software, called FERTO, for computing precise fertilizer management of rice was developed. It deals with four basic principles namely a) indigenous soil nutrient status, b) nutrient quantity, c) nutrient access, and d) balanced crop nutrient requirement as knowledge based for computing the location specific fertilizer recommendation options to achieve set yield target. It was tested and verified in MADA, FELCRA Seberang Perak and KADA areas over the period 2001-2006.

  • Ready Technology,
  • Free living N-Fixers and cellulose degrader collection


Nitro Humid Acid Crop Booster

Nitrohumic acids (NHA) is a bio-chemical active macro molecule similar to humic acids which has been known as black gold of agriculture. The nitrohumic acids have high chemical activity with cation exchange capacity (CEC) in the order of 80-90 cmol (+) kg-1. It contains many functional groups such as carbonyl (C=O), hydroxyl (R-OH), phenolic (Ar-OH), nitro (-NO2) and nitroso (-NO) groups. NHA is extracted from coals and compost by nitric acid oxidation followed by strong alkali extraction. By optimizing the various extraction parameters including temperature, duration, frequency, strength of extractants and grain size of raw material, high yield recovery of NHA (60-80%) can be obtained from coals. The extraction process virtually produces no polluting discharges. Used nitric acids is recycled by readjusting its strength for use in the next oxidation cycle. Nitrohumic acids can be exploited for use as soil conditioner, as substrate/solvent for formulating crop booster fertilizers and be used in making a unique class of more efficient granular compound fertilizers.





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