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Another alternative crop for farmers of
bris soil

In an effort to find alternative crops to tobacco on bris soil, MARDI has identified a new peanut variety Margenta.  This variety was developed through local assessment and has been shown to have high yield potential on bris soil and suitable for planting as a short term crop that can be grown in rotation with sweet corn and sweet potatoes in place of tobacco. This variety was introduced from ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics), India. Performance evaluation and development of agronomic practices for this variety have been carried out since 2002 by research officers from the Rice and Industrial Crop Research Centre, Telong MARDI Station, Puan Zaharah Ariffin and En. Yahaya Hussain with assistance of researchers from the Mechanisation and Automation & Food Technology Research Centres, MARDI.

Margenta peanut farm in Telong MARDI

Characteristics of Margenta peanut pods & seeds

The main advantages of Margenta variety in comparison with presently grown peanut varieties are higher yield, resistant to rust and leaf spot and have better quality pods and seeds. The dry pod yield potential is more than 3.5 t/ ha. Pods produced are larger and more uniform with percentage of double-seeded pods higher than 80%. This characteristic is required by manufacturers in the production of snack foods such as roasted and Menglembu peanuts.

Peanuts can be used as an ingredient in various dishes and confectioneries. Apart from boiled or fried, Margenta peanuts are suitable to be processed as snacks such as Menglembu style peanuts, chocolate-coated peanuts, peanut brittle, coated roasted peanuts, peanut crispies and satay sauce in pouches suitable to be served with satay, pressed rice and gado-gado. These products are suitable for consumption by all walks of life and loved by the people of Malaysia and have the potential to be exported to foreign countries.

The Margenta variety was launched by YB Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim, Deputy Minister of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry in Telong MARDI Research Station, Bachok, Kelantan on August 16, 2009. In her speech YB Datuk Rohani suggested that more farmers should plant this variety because it is ideal for bris soil. In addition, the peanut crop can also be a good choice for crop integration system or mixed crop farming because the crop residues (stems and leaves) are suitable as a source of nutritious fodder either in the fresh form or after being processed into silage.


YB Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim at the launch of the new Margenta peanut variety at MARDI Station Telong, Bachok, Kelantan

Director of the Rice & Industrial Crops Research Centre explaining about the Margenta peanut


YB Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim enjoying the Margenta peanuts


Researchers gave a briefing on food products based on Margenta peanuts

Demonstration of the pod separator machine


A seminar on peanut production technology transfer and exhibition of peanut production technology and production of peanut-based food products were held in conjunction with the launching of this Margenta peanut. Demonstrations on the use of machineries for planting, harvesting and separating peanut pods were held at farm level.

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